Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Dream Is Alive

I'm done recording and editing.
Maybe with a little more feeling this time:

This morning I redid a couple of final vocals and edited the bad fades I had heard in my listen-throughs, I erased some superfluous files on my hard drive to make room (since somehow, 2 songs before the end, I filled my 160GB hard drive), I consolidated files, and called the studio to make an appointment for mixing.
THAT is what I did today.

The process is far from over - I'm still finishing T-shirt design, website design, and digital distribution research and I have to start promoting and mixing and mastering (or having those things done). BUT, friends, the end is in sight! Thanks for joining me on the journey - I'll continue posting as mixing goes on. It will be really fun (for me - for you too, I hope) to hear the difference between samples that were NOT mixed and samples that ARE mixed. Yay!

Here's a final UNMIXED sample for you all:

Tired Lonely Fools (The DREAM IS ALIVE)