Monday, July 19, 2010

Progress! Hear some final mixes!

Well hello, blogosphere, how are you today?
I am fine, though getting antsy to have this project finished. You too? I'm sure! Here are some updates for you since my last post:

In mid-June, I went to Gardentone Studios to spend a late late night with Steve Wall. We spent about 6 hours going through each of my songs and fixing some key elements, discussing how I wanted them to sound, and starting to put effects on the bass and drums. When I left that night, things were already starting to sound FANTASTIC, which is a great feeling.
Since then, Steve has been working on his own, and a LOT, and has been sending me updates of the mixed songs. We're down to the final set of tweaks, and then it will be off to Mastering for our fair CD. I thought I'd post a couple of samples for you next to the UNMIXED samples so that you can really hear the difference that Steve is making. If you have headphones, I'd suggest using them to get the full effect.

Here is the most recent sample of What If We Try which I posted a while ago:
What If We Try
HERE is that same sample as mixed by Steve:
What If We Try MIXED

Pretty awesome, huh?
Here's the last sample I posted of Gotta Get Out:
Gotta Get Out
And, here is the MIXED version of that same bit of music:
Gotta Get Out Mixed

I hope these teasers can tide you over just a BIT longer. T-shirts and download cards are all designed and I'm ordering them tomorrow. All that is left is to get the finalized mixes in my hands, then to send them on to mastering and get them uploaded to the digital distribution sites - and to YOU!

Thanks for being patient. I can't wait to share more with you,