Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fleas and Fools

I know that sometimes people set unrealistic expectations for themselves and then are constantly upset that they are behind schedule. I am generally one of those people, but let me tell you:
THIS time, it is NOT my fault that there has been a delay. I had anticipated sending advance copies of "We Listen to Fools" to everyone who ordered them this week (before I start grad school on Tuesday). I had also anticipated having time to burn DVDs and sort t-shirts this week. Instead, I arrived home from a relaxing vacation with my fiancee to find that our house was inFESTed with fleas. They were everywhere. It was frightening.

Luckily, the t-shirts and most of our clothing were in the trunk of my car (we took everything on vacation so we could do laundry and get set to mail), so they remained flea-free. Still, taking everything out of our house, getting it sprayed, and putting it all back together took many many hours that could otherwise have been devoted to mailing music out.

I think it's a good excuse.

And, the GREAT news is, if you ordered an advance copy of the album, IT IS ON ITS WAY TO YOU! Check for it in the mail early next week.
Can't wait to hear what you think,