Monday, May 31, 2010

Yay! Still not done. But closer.

I'm working through all of the songs alphabetically now, condensing tracks that are edited and making sure all of those edits are clear and precise, fixing little annoyances in vocals and other parts, redoing guitar solos, and generally finalizing things.
Last time I posted, I couldn't decide whether or not to record the vocals for Gotta Get Out late at night after a long day of recording. I did record them then, and they weren't perfect enough. So today, with no warming up (sorry voice teachers and students), I knocked that vocal out in ONE take. Sometimes belting high notes works best for me without a warm-up. I know, I know, it does more damage. I promise it's not an everyday occurrence.
ANYWAY, I'm fully edited and ready for mixing with
Friends and Fools
Gotta Get Out
Happy Song
She Says She Knows
So Long (my love)

The list from my last post was slightly inaccurate because I have since listened and decided to edit a few of those parts. BUT, I think one more day of editing will be all I'll need.

Thank you to EVERYONE who has purchased advance copies of the album - I'm going to be able to afford to mix, master, and release the album with your help!

As a thank you, HERE is a full verse and chorus from Gotta Get Out!
Can't wait to play it for you once it's mixed and mastered!!

Gotta Get Out Sample

Friday, May 7, 2010


My girlfriend just finished law school and is out of town for a week. I am waiting to set a date for mixing, but hoping to schedule it for later this month. What does that mean? I have LOTS of work to do! The nice thing is, I'm at a point where each song just has a few finishing touches left. I'm getting VERY excited. I've been working for about 10 hours so far today, and I have finished 5 songs including 2 with LOTS of editing work.
Songs that are now done:
Happy Song
So They Say
Tired Lonely Fools
Wind Will Back

What If We Try (Falling Down?) - need to decide on the title.
For the record, this is the FIRST sample I'm posting that has the final lead vocals on it! Yay! Of course, when I go to the studio for mixing, we'll compress it, add reverb, and make it sound a lot cooler. Still, at least it's in tune now.

I'm trying to take good care of my voice so that I don't overdo the singing, but I think I have one more song in me tonight. Should I go for Gotta Get Out tonight? Maybe something a little more low-key. It's the age-old conundrum: Singing the tough song early so my voice can handle it, or saving it for the end so it doesn't ruin me for other songs. What would Renee Fleming do?

Should have more recording time tomorrow evening. Hope to post another sample then.
Love and back to work!