Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kind of a Strange Musician

I'm kind of a strange musician. I listen to NPR or quiet in the morning. No morning playlist. Here's what you had to say when I asked for morning mix suggestions, in order to feel like a less-strange musician: 

"'Eye of the Tiger' played over and over until you defeat your lifelong nemesis in the final round of your epic battle." (YES.)

"Old Soul Music in the morning is just as good as coffee. Go with Amy Winehouse, john Legend or Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings if (you) dont like old soul." (This brought tears to my eyes. A kindred spirit, indeed.)

"I like Cake in the morning." (I love Cake in morning, too. Devil's food.)

"Toddler Tunes always does it for me." (Mothers among us, we salute you.)

"What's wrong with being an NPR-junkie??" (Nothing, I assure you. Not a thing. Just trying to be inclusive of other people and their customs.)

Still taking suggestions, sound off in comments section.


  1. What about a song by an independent musician about an NPR host's secret life of dance?


  2. That is crazy. it's everything all at once. Why did no one think of this before?


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